The Milligan Foundation


THE MISSION: To provide a nationally available transportation resource for people who are in immediate need of relocation and housing, due to life threatening danger from domestic violence. Our goal is to be able to facilitate a move of location to a safe place anywhere within the United States.

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The Milligan Foundation believes that everyone deserves the ability to be happy at home. Much too often a peaceful home life is not what is considered normal. Many people across the globe live in fear of a husband, wife, parent, brother, or sister. Domestic violence isn’t limited to those we have chosen to become partners in our lives, it can be our families as well. 

The ultimate goal of the Milligan Foundation is to empower people who are trapped in violent and abusive relationships throughout the world. To encourage them have confidence in themselves, and to find inner strength to become leaders in their own lives, and claim their right to individual happiness and freedom for themselves and their families. 
If you are in immediate danger please call 911