The core mission of the foundation may be transportation, but the foundation doesn’t overlook the importance of a person’s emotional and mental well-being. With that thought in mind we have taken on a second aspect; that of promoting nurturing and empowering shelter environments.

The Milligan Foundation has started a campaign called Milligan Foundation Home, or “M Home”. We are enlisting the help of award winning interior design professionals and world renowned furniture manufacturers to help create the most supportive environments possible. We actively seek design industry professionals who have been gifted with the ability to create tranquil interiors for spas, soothing interiors for hotels, and the most welcoming home interiors imaginable. The environments they create will remove outside and environmental stressors so that a person is able to focus on inner healing and growth.

Our commitment to creating peaceful, nurturing, and empowering environments is a belief we wish to share and spread to all shelters. The foundation will use the connections we make with interior designers, home furnishing manufacturers, contractors, and developers, to improve the shelters so many call home. Through our “Room Angel” program, shelters can be matched with available designers, and designers can utilize the product that has already given to us by showrooms and manufacturers.

Some of the incredible home furnishing items we receive will find new homes via charity auction, and in our own showroom in the future.