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Our Mission

"To provide a nationally available transportation resource for people who are in immediate need of relocation and housing, due to life threatening danger from domestic violence".

The Milligan Foundation is a nationally available resource for domestic violence victims in need of transportation and relocation services. We provide direct assistance to victims through the purchase of bus, train, airline tickets, and point to point secure escort. We also provide supplemental support to shelters by providing gas cards for in-house transportation services, and we host a monthly support group for survivors rebuilding their lives. Our services began in 2011, and since that time we have helped over 300 domestic violence victims get safely to shelters across the country. Our mission is made successful by our ability to purchase tickets for travel, gasoline, and the collaborative work of many shelters. The funds used to cover transportation costs are 100% donor supported. None of the funds donated are used for operational overhead.

Our goal is to be able to facilitate a move of location to a safe place anywhere within the United States. Our services are called upon by shelters, police departments, county social services, and hospitals.

Our motto is, "We will move anyone, anywhere, anytime".

  • Purchase air, train, and bus tickets
  • Available shelter search assistance
  • Survivor suppport group
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CSW 66

The mission of achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls in the context of climate change, environmental and disaster risk reduction policies.


Get Safe

A one time emergency grant from $50 to $100, issued via text message.


Girls and women Empowerment Network

Girls and Women Empowerment Network Trust-a community based organisation working for the holistic empowerment of adolescent girls & young Women in Zimbabwe.


Your global guide to domestic violence service providers

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Our friends and partners are so important. We could not do what we do without the help and support of many corporations, small businesses, and other nonprofit organizations. This is a small sampling of the broad network that has been built over the years. We thank all of them a million times over.