Collaboration is at the heart of everything the foundation does. While all organizations are important, there are those whose work we'd like to highlight and support in any way we can. These are our "Sister" organizations and they do wonderful things in the communities they support.

Featured Campaign

New Beginings

One of our most significant goal is to operate one primary safe house where very high risk victims of domestic violence and human trafficking will be protected for extended lengths of time. This primary safe house will be able to house up to 30 people. Not only will the primary safe house have mental health professionals assigned to it that will oversee the well being of the clients, but there will also be additional staff members whose purpose is to ensure we provide the most supportive, nurturing, self-empowering environment possible. Other professionals that will enrich our safe house environment with the services they provide will be a physical therapist, a personal trainer, a chef, and a life coach. These dynamic people among others will be part of the team that makes up the staff at the primary foundation safe house.